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Beijing Airport Logistics Park

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Brief Introduction:

The Beijing Airport Logistics Park is located at the northeast of Beijing, within the boundary of the newly planned city zone., it is closely connected with Beijing Capital Airport, about 20 kilometers away from Yansha commercial circle, and only 160 kilometers away from Tianjin Port.

The Beijing Capital Airport and Airport Logistics Park is embraced with excellent location and traffic conditions. The existing and completed highways consist of 7 highways (marked in red) including Line 1 and 2 of Airport expressway, North Line of Airport expressway, Jingcheng expressway;four common highways (marked in blue) including National Highway 101, Shunping express way, Shuntong express way, secondary highway of airport,; and two city light rails (marked in green). The advantaged location and convenient traffic system not only meet the needs of the companies in the park, but also provide a sound platform for their future development .

The international logistics park is constructed with the highest standard world wide, which provides complete municipal facilities including water supply, drainage system, power and natural gas supplies, and communication system, digital supervision system, cable TV and road access. The functional design aiming to satisfy the modern operation is jointly carried out by experts from China, Germany and the US.

Roads: the road system comes in a reticulation design with 4 main highways along south-north direction, 3 highways along east-west direction. The road system takes as much as 20% of the coverage of the park. The initially constructed roads totaled up to 18,600-meter are well designed for the efficient and convenient transportation required by the modern logistics.

Water supplies: Water is supplied by the No.3 Water Plant of Shunyi satellite town. The water, running through a circular piping system, will be safe with the quality reaching the international standard. In addition, the water pressure is designed to be 0.3 MPa, a well accepted figure.

Drainage: in the park, rain water and waste water are treated on a separate basis. The waste water is piped to waste water plant through the mains; the rain water will be drained to the Xiaozhonghe River through independent rain water drainage system.

Electricity supply: Xixin transformer substation provides good-quality, reliable power supply round-the-clock through two 10KV cables to switch station of the logistics park.

Natural gas: As the park focuses on building a "green park" , the park will use natural gas as heating source instead of coals. The nature gas in the circular piping system of the park comes from natural gas main of Shunyi satellite town. It is designed to run smoothly and safely at the pressure of 0.2MPa.

In order to build "Digital Logistics Park", the park worked with Beijing Communications Company of China Netcom Group to set up a telecommunication sub-bureau for the construction of broad-band network. The efficient telecommunication system is designed to provide the park with preferential prices.

Cable TV: the park provides optical cable access for cable TV, which can receive 50 above channels.