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Beijing Yanqi Economic Development Area

Beijing Yanqi Economic Development AreaObjectives:
Inviting Outside Investment, Seeking Industrial Cooperation Partners
Brief Introduction:

Beijing Yanqi Economic Development Area was established in April of 1992 with the approval of Beijing Municipal Government. In December 2000 the government decided to accredit this area as one of the key industrial development zones under the direct jurisdiction of the municipality. this area claims a total planned area of 1493 hectares , it including Beijing Yanqi Economic Development Zone Beijing Fengxiang Science & Technology Development Zone and Beijing Jingwei Industrial Zone, and it located at the foot of Great Wall, near the bank of Yanqi Lake and 5 kilometers to the north of the beautiful Huairou district center, 55 kilometers drive from the urban district, 35 kilometers from Beijing Capital International Airport , and 170 kilometers from Tianjin Harbor..

Situated in between the highway of Beijing-Chengde and two high standard national ways, R101 & R111, Beijing Yanqi Economic Development Area enjoys well developed infrastructure of traffic. Inside the Area, the land is leveled and fully developed providing convenient accesses to all the necessary infrastructure facilities including internal roads, supplies of water, heat (steam), electricity, communication (including broadband), natural gas and drainage networks. To ensure sound provision of quality services, the government has designated special branches of authority established inside the zone to take care of these facilities.

Located strategically in this beautiful district of Huairou, Beijing Yanqi Economic Development Area is well planned keeping in tune with the natural tranquility and environmental friendliness. It is designed with a combination of concepts that highlight ecological harmony, natural conservation as well as business opportunities.

To facilitate the business operations inside the zone, nearly 100,000 square meters of flat and residential compound are built, which are readily available for sale or rent to the employees of enterprises based in the area. Over the years of development, the zone is now in the position to provide all the necessary facilities to accommodate the establishment and growth of business of even larger size that may flock into the zone. So far more than 300 production enterprises have based their businesses in the area, such as Effem Food (Beijing) Co., Ltd; Beijing Red Bull Vitamin Beverage Co., Ltd; Beijing Asahi Breweries Co., Ltd etc. including more than 70 foreign owned enterprises coming from 17 countries or regions, such as US, the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, etc.

The Administrative Committee of Beijing Yanqi Economic Development Area is the highest agency of authority, designated to take care of the examination procedure and supervision of incoming investments. To this end, the committee has authorized Beijing Great Wall investment Development Corp. to develop, sell and transfer the right of land use of the zone.

Beijing Yanqi Economic Development Area takes accountability and efficiency as its blood and is always ready to serve all those established or ready to invest in the zone.