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BeiJing National Environmental Protection Industry Zone

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Brief Introduction:

For the implementation of the "Green Action Program to support Beijing 2008 Olympic Game", the State Economic & Trade Commission reported four pilot industry parks to the State council of People's Republic of China in 2001. On the 14th of October 2002, the State Economic & Trade Commission officially approved the "Beijing National Environmental Protection Industry Zone" (CEP) as one of the four pilot industry parks. (Decree No.150 [2002]of SETC). And at the same year, 23rd of December, Beijing Municipal Government ratified CEP as a municipal-leveled development area (Decree NO. [2002]102), Which provides the legal basis and guideline for future development of CEP.

I. Location

CEP located in the Majuqiao Town of Tongzhou District, Beijing, is built upon the base of Majuqiao concentrated industry development area. CEP is located at the conjunction the Jing-Jin-Tang Highway and the Sixth-Ring Road. The direct distance from CEP to Tiananmen Square is 15.5km, 30km to the Capital International Airport, and 140km to Tianjin New Port. Besides, CEP is the closest municipal-leveled development area to central Beijing.

II. Overall Planning

The overall planning of CEP is 15 square kilometers, and will be developed phase by phase. Therefore, the fist phase of CEP is 7 square kilometers, which was approved by Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning (Decree No. BMCUP [2003] 403).

III. Advantages of CEP

1 Traffic Condition
From the overall planning of Beijing, there will be an industry development zone alongside the southeast of Jing-Jin-Tang Highway, from Langfang to Tianjin. Moreover, the CEP is close to the Beijing Tongzhou Logistic Industry Park and BDA, which enable the further co-operations. The Xinfang road in CEP is connected with the Yongchang road in BDA, and it only takes 5-10 minutes drive from CEP to the Forth and Fifth Ring Road. The Sixth Ring Road also connected with the Jing-Jin-Tang, Jing-Shen, Jing-Ha, Jing-cheng, Jing-Kai, and Jing-Shi highways that form convenient traffic network around the CEP.

2. External Condition
From the macro-environment respect, Beijing as the capital of the nation provides more valuable resources than any other cities, such as the intelligence, capital, and information. From the microenvironment respect, the CEP may lower its development cost since it can get backings from the BDA on capital introduction, infrastructure, human resources and etc., moreover, with the backing of BDA the form of industry scale and residential area will be more efficient.

3. Industry Condition
As a newly established industry zone, the CEP is beginning to take shape, there are 39 enterprises specialized in environmental protection entered the CEP, for example Sanda Group.CO.LTD, Beijing Hi-Standard Environmental Equipment. CO.LTD. In 2002, CEP has sales revenue of 307 million RMB, profit of 20 million RMB, and tax 12 million RMB; 37.8% of the sales revenue, 40% of the profit, and 50% of the taxes were provided by the environmental specialized enterprises. So, CEP has a formation of mainly rely on environmental protection specialized enterprises, while making the high-tech and export-oriented enterprises subsidiaries.

4.Policy Condition
Following the economic development, there is emergent need for the environmental protection. Based on the "Green Action Program to Support Beijing's 2008 Olympic Game", the Beijing municipality raised the theme of "Green Olympic, Green Beijing". Therefore, there is a great market potential and development potential for the environmental protection and its related industries. The approved environmental protection industry zone—CEP can not only provide the attractive location and atmosphere, also the preferential policy for the entered enterprises, meanwhile the CEP administrative committee is applying the treatment for high technology development park like "ZhongGuanCun" Sci-Tec park.

IV. Infrastructure

The infrastructure of CEP has reached the standard of "eight connections and leveled land", "eight connections" refers to road, pipelines for rain, sewage, water supply, natural gas, electricity, telecommunication, cable TV. And the construction of the infrastructure is improved increasingly, such as the water supply system that can provide 30,000 ton/day, the sewage plant that can deal 40,000ton/day, the central heating system, and the internal main road network are all under construction currently.

V. Services

The CEP administrative committee provides "one-step" services, and will not charge extra fee besides the regulations. And the property management company will strictly follow the national regulation to charge the required fees.

VI. Aims and Objections

The aim of CEP is: by 5-8 years' construction, the CEP will become a multiple producing industry zone, which includes the research, producing, and consulting in the environmental protection aspect. Under the development purpose, CEP will focus on introducing enterprises that specialized in environmental protection technologies, environmental protection equipments, materials producing, prevention of the vehicles' tail gas, and city garbage, and sewage disposal to enter. Moreover, the CEP will provide better internal atmosphere on independent technology developing, and advanced technologies importing from other countries; to increase the capabilities of environmental protection enterprises, the CEP will also organize the regional cooperation on technology, financial banking, and product marketing, and human resource introducing. By actively join the Tongzhou District, and Bohai Economic development zone communications, co-operations, and competitions, the CEP will become the pilot industry zone on environmental protection industry. The CEP plan to invest 2,126 million RMB to finish two phases of construction in 6 years, and till the 2008, the CEP will achieve GDP 10,000 million RMB, and 25,000 million RMB in 2020.

To achieve the above aims, the CEP adopt the following 5 steps:

1.Strength the publicity: use all kinds of media to publicize the information, reputation, and influential power of CEP in the environmental protection industry.

2. Reinforce the construction of the infrastructure. To become the first class industry zone nationally by achieve the "ten connections and leveled land" in one or two years.

3. Improve the internal environment. To highlight the characteristic of CEP, the industry zone will be build into a green and pollution free park.

4. Introduce the reputable enterprises either nationally or internationally in the environmental protection and related industries to enter the CEP, so as to consummate the orientation of CEP, while lead the development of the whole industry.

5. Widely consider and introduce project to ensure the comprehensiveness and extensiveness of CEP. Based on the overall plan CEP will pay more attention to attract the enterprises that meet the position and environment requires, and finally become the new economic growth area to Tongzhou District and even Beijing.

We wholeheartedly welcome potential investors and visitors from all the industries to visit, and invest at the CEP. We will strictly follow promises we made, to expect the future co-operation with you.