> A Survey of Penglai City, Shandong Province

A Survey of Penglai City, Shandong Province

Penglai is situated at the northern tip of the Jiaodong Peninsula, China. It covers an area of 1,201.8 kilometers with a population of 490,000. Penglai has been known as "a Fairyland on earth" since the ancient times.

Nestled behind mountains and looking on to the sea, Penglai has a pleasant climate. It is abundant in natural resources. The annual sea products amounts to over 100,000 tons.

Penglai has well-developed transport and communication facilities. Four highways run through the city and a 10,000-ton-deepwater wharf has been put into operation. Furthermore, seventy kilometers away are the Yantai Port, the Yantai Airport, the Yantai Railway Station and the Longkou Port.

Industries are developing rapidly in Penglai City. Machinery, light industry, electronics, textile, foodstuff, building materials are the mainstay industries. The annual output of cement is 3 million tons.

With its favorable environment and preferential policies for investment, and the unique scenery of a fairyland, Penglai is a great attraction to foreign co-operators. Up to now there are more than 270 foreign joint ventures with the annual export value of more than USD 100 million.

Now Penglai is fully open to the outside world, you are welcome here for sightseeing, business and investment so as to promote the prosperity and development.

The Seaside Park Synthesize Development Project Name
The seaside park synthesize development

Project Unit
Penglai City Gardens Management Office

General Survey of the Project Unit
Penglai, as a beautiful seaside city is situated at Shandong peninsula, bordering Bohai Sea and Yellow Sea, with Liaodong peninsula on the opposite bank. It has a beautiful scenery. It enjoys a pleasant climate with no severe cold of winter, no intense heat of summer. It is famous for "the marvelous spectacles of the mirage", the legend of "the Eight Immortals crossing the sea", "the world famous Penglai pavilion" and Penglai Water Castle and many historical spots. The average annual sightseer here are about 2.5 million and hold trade talks.

Penglai seaside park is directly under "Gardens Management Office", to it's west is Brage of Assembling Immortals" to it's east is "The villa area of the Eight Immortals residence, with the Chain of islands of Chang Bai hill on the opposite bank.

The park covers an area of 3.2 ha., an 1400 meter long coast line extensive and clean sands. The sea area is calm and no gullies, no sharks. It is considered as an ideal place for development of going sight-seeing at sea.

The coast line is abundant in natural resources. When a clear and boundless sky is, the bright blue sky makes the blue sea standing out by contrast, but in the summer rain, is a running foggy and is "a good fairy land on earth". If you have fortune luck to meet "Marvelous spectacles of the mirage" it really is constantly changing.

It has been making green by planting trees for many years. There are flowers and evergreens in the park scene. Now it has been built 1.2 ha., the windbreak forest belt for strange willows, the large relief sculpture of the three-mountain arch, the pavilion of seeing sea, and the architecture of seawater bath place is unique.

According to the overall plan of famous scenery spots of Penglai and Changdao. We have decided to develop the seaside park, and make it has the integration of tourism trade, eating and staying at a great speed.

Project Content
1. The development of sea tourist facilities.
(1) Building sea paradise: supposing the undersea world, the drop by parachute on the motorized, sailing boat, slide at sea, punching wave, colliding boat, the club at sea (music teahouse, cold drink, barroom) etc..
(2) The development of tourist boat from Penglai to Changdao. building good service facilities: such as go fishing, choice seafood a steamed dumpling with the dough gathered at the top, make food by yourself etc.

2. Synthesize tourism hall at sea water bathing place.
The common change room has been building high-level locker room, resting, teahouse integration of synthesize tourism hall.

3. Synthesize good service building
It mainly includes a ballroom, dance hall, gymnasium, barroom, business etc.

4. The development of economic benefit gardens scenery.

The total investment is USD 15 million, the first investment is USD 0.5 million.

Economic profit
The seaside park is situated Penglaige between the Eight Immortals' village.

average annual sightseer of Penglaige is 2.5 million every year, the seawater place is 1 million, the seaside park is about 1.5 million. It cost about RMB 30 yuan. It incomes RMB 4.5 million every year. The investment recovering period is 2.7 years.

Cooperation Form
Joint venture, cooperative venture or wholly foreign-owned enterprise.

Development Of Advanced Washing Machinery Project Name
Development of advanced washing machinery

Extending the Line of Meat Chicken Project Name
Extending the Line of Meat Chicken

1000 Ton Brandy Project Name
1000 ton brandy.

The Extend Computer Terminal Project name
The extend computer terminal

Penglai Breed Good Strains Base Project Name
Penglai breed good strains base

Annual Output of 4000 Ton of Silica Gel Project Name
Annual output of 4000 ton of silica gel

Shandong Zhenglong Group Company

Technical Transformation of Car Valves