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Wenzhou Eco&Tech Development Zone

Inviting Foreign Investment, Seeking Joint Development

Brief Introduction:
Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone was approved as state-level deveopment zone on March 16th 1992. The zone has a developed area of 6.85 square kilometers.

Geographic Location
Situated in the middle part of China's southeast coastline, Wenzhou is the economic center of the southern part of Zhejiang Province, and one of China's most dynamic coastal cities.

Communication and Transportation
The Wenzhou Port operates 33 berths of different sizes, among which there are four 100,000-ton ones, including the container berth. The Wenzhou Development Zone is merely 3 kilometers away from the 100,000-ton Longgang Wharf to the east, and 3 kilometers away from the Yangfushan Port Area to the west.

The Wenzhou Airport operates 57 domestic air routes with over 300 flights every week, linking this city to Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macao and some other cites.

On the east of the Development Zone, there is the terminal of an extension of Jinhua Wenzhou Railway, which is already in operation.

A highway leading to the airport runs by the Development Zone on the north. The No. 104 and No. 330 State Highways and the Wenzhou Bridge are also nearby, connecting the Development Zone to other cities in the country. The Yongtaiwen Expressway passing the Development Zone on the east is already in operation.

Industrial Structure
After over a decade's construction, the Zone has developed from a wild land to a modern industrial park, encompassing both light industries ranging from machinery, garments, footwear, leather and spectacles, to pens and brushes, and high-tech industries of electromechanical integration, electronics, bio-pharmaceutics, etc.

Investment Priorities
Mechanical and electrical devices (mainly for introducing advanced technology): printing machinery, packing machinery, electronic medical apparatuses, energy-saving electric motors, micro-motors, low-voltage electric appliances, controls and components, intelligent automatic control systems, precision die sets and related projects.

Electronics and IT products: computer and peripheral equipment, software applications, micro-electronics and components, high-tech sensors, automatic office equipment, telecommunication and data transmission equipment.
Chemicals and pharmaceuticals: refined chemicals aimed at developing new technologies and new products, including dyes and auxiliaries, aluminum and silicon products and catalysts, molecular sieves, rubber products, food and beverage additives, anti-staling agents, detergents, bio-medicines, new specific medicines, new diagnostic reagents, and haemodialyser systems.

Building materials: ceramic products for wide applications, glass fiber reinforced plastic products, granite products, and other new and light building materials.

Real estate development and urban infrastructure: factory building, ports and wharves, warehouse and service facilities, and sewage treatment engineering.

Warmly welcome the overseas friends to hold business talks and establish enterprises.