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Xishuangbanna Tourist and Vacation Zone


Xishuangbanna Tourist and Vacation Zone, covering an area of 10 square kilometers, is located in the southern part of the city of Jinghong, Yunnan province. It was approved as a province-level tourist and vacation zone by the People's Government of Yunnan Province in 1993, and therefore enjoys the favorable policies available.

Entrance to Zone

Today the infrastructure construction of roads, electrical power, commuincation, water and drainage have almost been completed. It meets the requirements of the development and construction. The investor enjoys the same favorable policies as in the coastal areas. A package service, efficient management, land rental, international biding are available.

The Zone is designed to be a comprehensive, well-appointed modern tourist zone of distinctive local nationalities' customs and cultural characteristics, combining tourism with scientific research, entertainment, business and trade.

Manfeilong Tower Group

We wish to extend a warm welcome to all our guests at home and overseas to Xishuangbanna for cooperation and development.

Construction Projects

A. Mekong River Embankment

A 3.7-kilometer-long embankment will be built between the Liusha River and the Second Bridge on Mekong River. The total amount of the investment is expected to be 450 million yuan (RMB). There will be 10,000 mu (660 hectares) of land available for development by the embankment builders. A Trading Street, the duty-free zone and the Southeast Asia Garden will be built on this land.

B. A shopping center

According to the overall plan of Xishuangbanna Tourist and Vacation Zone, a modern shopping mall which features both wholesale and retail merchandise will be built. The shopping mall will cover an area of 50 mu ( 3.3 hectare) and the total investment is expected to be 30 million yuan (RMB).

C. Reconstruction of Xuanwei Palace

Five kilometers away from Jinghong County lies an historical site which was the center of the ancient rulers in Xishuangbanna. The Renovation of the Xuanwei Palace will turn this cultural relic into a place of interest and research. The preliminary design and the palace model have been finished. The investment is about 290 million yuan (RMB).

D. Tropical flower (Flora)

The unique climate and geographic location of Jinghong County make it suitable for growing plants and flowers. Great variety of evergreen plants and flowers do well here. With the rapid development of the tourism and trade in the border areas, there would seem to be a bright future for the flower market at home as well as abroad. The total area is 20 mu (1.3 hectares)

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