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Yanjiao Economic - Technological Development Area

traffic map of yanjiao economic technological development zoneObjectives:
Inviting Outside Investment, Seeking Industrial Cooperation Partners
Brief Introduction:

Yanjiao, as an ancient crucial strategic place of the east of Beijing, has a long history and deep culture accumulate. It got its name because it located in the suburb of the capital of a Yan state (today' Beijing) in the Spring and Autumn and Warring States period. Since Song and Tang Dynasty, it began to prosper due to businessmen gathering and culture booming by taking geographic advantage of Chaobaihe dock and Jingyu ancient road. During years of Kangxi (a great emperor of Qing dynasty), a Xanadu was built for emperor and empress to rest after inspection and worshipping their ancestors. So it is also called as "Majestic Place for Emperor".

The location of Yanjiao is unique and advantageous. It lies in the core of Jingjin and Bohai economic circle, only one river next to Beijing. The distance to Beijing Tian' anmen Square is 30 kilometers, to the Capital Airport is 25kms, to Tianjin is 120kms, to Tangshan is 125kms, and to Qinhuangdao is 260kms. It also provides an excellent platform to enter into Beijing and Tianjin markets, distribute cargos all over the country and connect with the world by its convenient transportation.

Jingha highway, Jingqin and Daqin electrified railways pass through the area, no.930 Beijing bus arrives here, Beijing light rail eastern extension project is under construction and Jingtong express links the zone with Beijing tightly, it only takes 20 minutes from International Trade Center to the zone.

Perfect Infrastructure

Now, 3 billion RMB has been invested and industrial standard of nine supplies and one leveling has been set up in the zone (paved road, electricity, communication, heating system, water supply, drain system, industry steam, gas, broadband internet access and leveled ground).

● Road
High standard road network of six horizontal roads and seven vertical roads has been finished with total lengths 100kms and total area 2 million square meters. 80 million RMB has been invested to build a Yingbin North Road, which will connect Yanjiao with a Beijing expressway.
● Water Supply
A water supply plant has been built up by Hong Kong Huijin Water Co. Ltd. and us, which can provide 80 thousand tons of high quality water each day for industrial use and residential living. The first stage has been put into use.
● Sewage Treatment
32 million RMB was invested in Yanjiao Dong Sewage Plant to deal with domestic sewage the daily treatment capacity is 13 thousand each day tons and a 5-thousand-ton treatment plant is under construction.
● Power
Two power supply networks of Beijing and Heibei provide double loop supply system ,which ensure a safe power supply. First stage of 1.2 million KW units of Sanhe Power Plant, a national key project, has been put into use, and second stage of 600 thousand KW units is under construction now.
● Communication
Two communication networks of Beijing and Heibei can provide service. It's the first cross-province switch. High standard broadband internet is accessible in each unit, community, school, enterprise and house and an informative city has been initially established.
● Heating system
The Heat Plant was reconstructed by Taiwan company. Concentrated heat supplying area is 5.5million square meters and steam for industrial use can meet the demand of enterprises at any time.
● Gas System
Construction of gas pipelines networks has been finished by Hong Kong Huajie Corporation and us.

Abundant Talents

There are about 20 science research institutes and 8 universities in this zone. 20 thousand varies professional talents and 40 thousand personnel who is taking higher education classes are available. The density of high competent talent is 33.3%.

Low Cost of Investment

Due to its advantageous location, Yanjiao can share all information, funds and talents of Beijing while enjoying 30%lower cost in overall investment like land, manpower, construction, production and transportation etc. than Beijing.

Strong Innovation System

The Yanjiao Incubation Center, a comprehensive high-tech corporation incubator, has been set up to provide places, funds, personnel training and agent service for the transform from new high-tech achievements into real productivity. The total incubation area reaches 23 thousand square meters.

Efficient and Complete Service System

Under the principle of "customs are God, service is life, innovation is soul", we provide so-called all weather, zero impediment, low cost and high retune services, including one-station approval, series service and frequently visit.