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"BOHAI Products" means BEST QUALITY

As a leading manufacturer of aluminum products, Bohai Aluminum Industry Ltd. (Bohai) is proud of its own rich experiences and technologies in aluminum processing, its world class equipment and its well educated employee teams.

study.jpg (23720 bytes)Bohai was founded in March, 1985 and is a taking-shape, large scale aluminum processing center over ten years of development. The joint-venture agreement was signed between CITIC and REYNOLDS on Jan. 25, 1996. The two parties operate Bohai Aluminum Industries LTD. Boohoo's total investment is 251 million US$, registered capital reached 141 million US$ after joint-venture.

Now Bohai occupies an area of 860,000 square meters, building area nearly 2000,000 square meters, and there are 1,200 employee. Eleven high-level managerial personnel, appointed by REYNOLDS, participate in Boohoo's overall management.

The first phase project of Bohai is the earliest and the most mature project. It consists of an aluminum profile plant, a die making plant and an aluminum window/door plant. Construction profiles and industrial profiles, which are produced by Bohai are acknowledged ad the best grade products by our customers and enjoy high prestige. Boohoo's aluminum profiles are used in many buildings in China and foreign countries. profile.jpg (22593 bytes)

Aluminum Profile Plant

Aluminum window/door/glass curtain wall projects are undertaken by Bohai all over the country. Bohai owns the richest experience and technical team in the manufacturing/installation of aluminum windows /door and glass curtain wall. It has successfully finished the manufacturing/installation of aluminum windows/door and glass curtain wall that produced a great impact in China.

cold.jpg (20323 bytes) The second phase project of Bohai is the specialized production lines of plate, sheet,strip, and foil. It consists of a melting and casting plant, a cold strip mill plant, a foil plant, a foil finishing plant, a power plant and other auxiliary facilities. Bohai produces aluminum strip, sheet and foil from the continuous casting process.The plate, sheet, strip and foil production lines of Bohai are equipped with the very advanced mills.

Cold Strip Mill Plant

Boohoo's rolling mills are the widest in Asia. The rolling mills are imported from Davy with automatic gauge and shaped control system and use Reynolds' technology. At the same time, it also includes foil and sheet equipment and produces plate, sheet, cable wrap, pharmaceutical foil, household foil, and cigarette foil. These products are deeply trusted by the customers.

The Foil Plant is the major project of the second phase project in Bohai. It is equipped with three foil mills from Davy of England, one foil roughing mill, one foil intermediate mill and one finishing mill, one double from Kampf of Germany, one automatic high-rack storage system from Siemag of Germany and two roll-grinding machines from Herkules of Germany. foil.jpg (19290 bytes)

Foil Plant

The work roll width of the foil mill is 2250mm. The maximum rolling speed is 2000m/min, and the maximum coil weight is 15.6 tons. Two of the mills are equipped with automatic shape control system. 1880mm and gauge range of 0.007-0.2mm.

products.jpg (17589 bytes) Our customers can choose all sizes of foil from the foil finishing plant because it can produce many different foil specifications. The customers can also choose the type of packing methods and also equipped with foil finishing equipment from Kampf of German, In addition, there is one foil laminating line from Rotomec of Italy and five annealing furnaces.

The Products of Foil

The society is in continuous progress and development, Bohai is also in continuous progress and development as it is the one unit of the society!!!