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Hunchun Dongyi Knitting Co. Ltd.

Hunchun Dongyi Knitting Co. Ltd., a Sino-Korea joint venture, covered an area of 35,000 square meters. It has a work force of 600. The company went into operation in 1993. Its main product is the "White Bear" brand of knitting underwears that are made of domestic yarn. The three-layer heat preservation underwear is knitted with pure cotton yarn on its obverse and reverse sides, polyester fiber on its middle layer. It is springy and can keep heat well. It absorbs sweat and wears comfortable. It's a fashioned high quality underwear. It won 18 prizes of different levels in China.

The company's annual output is 1.5 million sets of underwear. The annual output of the products were exported to Japan and Korea. The company persists in "Quality is life, customer is God" to establish a world famous brand and provide the consumers with high quality products and good services.

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