> Geological Machinery Plant, Ministry Of Coal Industry

Geological Machinery Plant, Ministry Of Coal Industry

China Geological Machinery Plant, Ministry Of Coal Industry, is a national second-class enterprise, national second-grade meteorological unit, and designated as the Advanced Garden Unit of Double-Civilization Building of China's Coal Geological Field.

Legal Representative: Mr. Li Guojin

The plant covers a total land area of 120,000 square meters, of which the building area is 47,000 square meters. It has a work force of 600, among which more than 80 are engineering technicians . The fixed assets of the plant total 48.6 million yuan (RMB). The plant is well equipped for , machinery processing, heat processing, assembly, and manufacture of metal products. The plant has its own research institute, testing station for optical instruments and meters, motorcade and guest house.

Main products: Equipment for coating liner paper by brush; assembly line equipment for the manufacture of corrugated (box) board; SY high-rigid rollers; multi-purpose food slicers; the spare parts for basic hole drillers, hydraulic truck-mounted cranes; circle-and-tooth bevel gear (8000 ton yearly output); bright, low-carbon, zinc-coated wire; and ring steel nails.

The factory is conveniently located at Zhuozhou City, between Jingguang Railway and Jingsheng Expressway, 62km from Tiananmen Square, Beijing, 170km from Xingang Port, Tianjin.

Seeking Partners:

We are interested in projects which are non-polluting, have a wide market potential and the prospect of a bright future profitable to all. Thank you in advance to friends who are interested in cooperating with us.

Activities inviting cooperation:

bullets 1. The manufacture of copper-coated tire steel wire, annual output of 3000 tons.

The domestic tire industry is developing rapidly, especially the meridian tire industry. It will account for 40% of all tire production by the year 2000. By the end of this century, the annual demand for copper-gilded steel wire will reach 7-8 tons. Though there are many domestic manufacturers at present, their product quality tends to be lower than the imported products. As a consequence, many tire manufacturers import this material, despite the much higher price.

We are planning to introduce advanced equipment and technology to produce a copper-gilded steel wire that meets the highest standards and fulfills the requirements of the tire industry at a price that compares favorably with the expensive imported products. We are confident that there is a bright future ahead for this venture..

The total investment is estimated at 16 million yuan (RMB). We will put in a capital of 6 million yuan (RMB), as well as our own factory buildings and yards. The remainder is awaiting your investment. Total annual output is projected at 27 million yuan (RMB) and annual tax and profit at 6 million yuan (RMB).

Mode of Cooperation : Joint-venture

bullets 2. Biodegradable & Edible Meal Box

In their effort to reduce pollution, most domestic big cities and railway stations are now determined to forbid the use of non-recyclable meal boxes in the near future. Some experts estimate that our national annual demand for meal boxes has already reached more than 70 billion. The recently developed plastic meal box industry is facing a very awkward situation due to its shortage of resources and high cost of production. So the development of a biologically recyclable and edible meal box can foresee a bright future.

We are introducing advanced equipment and technology from abroad in our effort to develop this specialized product. The total investment is estimated at 12 million yuan (RMB), the annual output will be 52.5 million yuan (RMB), annual tax and profit is projected at 7.5 million yuan (RMB). Our plant will contribute a capital of 6 million yuan (RMB), together with our factory buildings and yards. The remaining capital is expected to be introduced.

Cooperation mode: Joint-venture

Quotation for products:

For No. 8-14 low carbon zinc-coated steel wire whose annual output is 8000 tons, we quote for 3,600-3,800 yuan (RMB) / ton.

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