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Shandong Huari Group Corporation

With its headquarters located in Linyi city, Shandong province, south of the Bohai Sea Economic Zone, Shandong Huari Group Corporation is a national and local key enterprise group with a total capital of 1.2 billion RMB yuan. Its annual production capacity includes 600,000 units of motorcycles, 600,000 sets of gasoline engines, 20,000 sets of seeding-machines, 20,000 sets of sprinklers, 100,000 units of pistols, 3 million suits of bearings,2,000 sets of lathes, 1 million suits of gears and 400,000 pieces of cutlery. The leading products - "HUARI" Brand serial motorcycles have 6 big series, more than 40 breeds ,have been several times elected as "China's Famous Motorcycles", "The Most Satisfactory Products of Consumers", and "The Most Delighted Brand By Consumers"; "FENGCHAN" Brand serial seeding-machines have 6 big series, more than 30 breeds, they have been assessed be exempted from test product by Shandong Technology Surveillance Bureau continuing 12 years, and three of them have been ranked into the Inspection-free Products of State, one of them has procured the National Big-league Molar Medal ĘC The State Silver Medal furthermore; 1E52FM,157FM this two species gasoline engines and XB-11(4) type seeding-machine have been elected as The State-Class New Products by five State Ministries and Commissions ,such as the State Science and Technology Commissions etc.

During the 9th Five-year Plan, targeting at international leading level, the enterprise adopts advanced technology to promote its motorcycle producing ability to develop tri-cycle and four-cycle super minicab to from "HUARI" Brand serial products with exceptional features.

With the principle of "providing fine service to the society, promoting capital rising in value and bringing benefit to mankind" and the policy of "winning the market with quality, attracting the consumers with service and creating outstanding HUARI brand", the Group will in strict compliance with ISO9000 standard, bring forth superior products to the society.