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Leshenkang DrinkLocated in the Huaiyuan Scenic Spot, Henan Province, the Leshen Group is a medium-sized enterprise manufacturing drinks and beverages. It has a fixed assets of 38 million yuan and a work force of 600. The annual output of the drinks, liquors and mountain products is up to 30,000 tons. The annual sales avenue is 120 million yuan.

Chinese Character LeshenkangFocus on the main products of beverage and with multiple sectors existing side by side, the company developed concurrently. It introduced the pull-top production line and added the food processing of the mountain products., The 3 main products are the beverage of Leshenkang, the Huaiyuan Old Cellar Liquor and the mountain food. They have more than 100 varieties altogether. With its scientific beverage was entitled the "China Miraculous Drink" by the China Medical Association. And the Huaiyuan Old Cellar Liquor won the prizes at the international and domestic fairs. The liquor smells fragrant and has agreeable aftertastes.

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Leshenkang is a carbonic healthy beverage. It has a scientific ingredients, containing dozens of amino acids, vitamins and trace elements, none of hormone. Leshenkang was regarded as a fatigue resisting drink by the Ministry of Public Health of P.R. China. In June of 1997, Leshenkang was appointed as the special healthy drinks for the Chinese Table Tennis Team.


Leshenkang was given the awards of "China Best Selling Product" in 1996 and the "China Famous Brand" in 1997.

Chinese Chestnut

The company adopted the advanced fully automatic hulling machine to produce the canned chestnut. The chestnut is nutritious. It looks golden and contains rich starch. The product won the golden prize at the 7th China New Technology and New Product Fair.

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