China National Foreign Trade Transportation (Group) Corporation (SINOTRANS ) is one of the 120 large sized trail enterprises groups approved by the State Council. It is a specialized comprehensive transportation enterprise group.

SINOTRANS has been implementing many weighty strategic movesenterprise group since the declaration of proceeding restructuring in Dec. 1997. In respect of air transport business, SINOTRANS has established Northern, Eastern, Northeast, Northwest, Southwest and Southern six regional Air Freight Forwarding Companies. In sea transport business, SINOTRANS Container Lines Co., Ltd. Begins to operate in Shanghai, and in road business, SINOTRANS Road Transport Co., Ltd. has been successfully established with its 15 subsidiaries, SINOTRANS jiuling Transport and Storage Companies. Meanwhile, SINOTRANS Group has also recombined some of its subsidiaries to advance its enterprise composition and layout.

SINOTRANS has 52 subsidiaries, 508 independent managing enterprises and 238 joint ventures at home, besides which, it has 9 representatives offices and 67 enterprises abroad, with about 67,000 qualified staff and employees. The total assets of the whole group 22 billion rmb.

With near 50 years of development, SINOTRANS has established a high efficient transport network at home and abroad, and deals with transportation of commercial and noncommercial cargoes by sea, rail, air, and multi-model ways, and it also handles chartering, liner service, ship management, ship agency, air courier service, container leasing, storage and warehousing, distribution, international trade, labor export, contract projects, forestry development and information consultation.

Taking advantage of its global network, SINOTRANS will provide all parties with quality service on the principle of safety, promptness, accuracy, economy and expediency.

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